Introducing Leading Edge Allergy Testing and Treatment to Bangladesh

Allergy Bangladesh:

girl1Allergy Bangladesh is a part of £1 Hospital (a British Charity reg; 1162150) which aims to provide health care including up-to-date allergy services to the deprieved people of Bangladesh.

Allergy is a global public health concern, with upto 40% of  people who are sensitised with one or more allergens (the substance can cause allergy) worldwide, and children are  the most sufferer according to the World Allergy Organisation (WAO.) This number could be as high as 64 million in Bangladesh.To date, resources to develop awareness, modern diagnostic and treatment facilities of allergy for the sufferer in Bangladesh is almost unavailable.
For an example, allergy victims in Bangladesh do not have access to life saving self carrying Adrenaline Auto Injectors (AAIs), which could save their lives from anaphylactic fatality (death from severe allergic reaction)! Therefore, Allergy Bangladesh would like to work to introduce these facilities for the people of Bangladesh with individual, national and international support and help. Contributions from those in our society who are better off, will be used to fulfil and continue this project to its ultimate success offering free services to the poorest.

Allergy Bangladesh comprised of two Medical doctors (one Allergy specialist, and another Tropical medicine specialist), one British IT consultant and some others enthusiatic, professional people including volunteers, who have huge experience in their own field, social communication and dedicated to work for humanity.