Adrenaline Auto Injector (AAI):

adrenaine-pumpIt is an automatic injection device that contain a single, fixed dose of adrenaline designed to be easily administered to a person who is having a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). It is intended for self-administration however, it can be administered to the patient by anyone who is not medically trained.

It is a first line emergency on-the-spot treatment for anaphylaxis during the early onset symptoms of anaphylaxis. They must be treated promptly in order to manage the serious consequences of anaphylaxis such as deteriorating blood pressure, constriction of the airways which lead the patient quickly to death. It is an intra muscular injection and can be delivered through clothing. Patients are known to be at risk of anaphylaxis must carry at least two AAIs. First injection should be given immediately when symptoms are recognised and if symptoms are not improved the second dose can be considered after 5 -15 minutes.
The recommended dose for auto-injectors is 300-500 µg for adults and 150-300 µg for children depending on body weight (10 µg/kg). Adrenaline works rapidly within minutes) and maintain the BP and open up the airways. Therefore it is must to carry two AAI with the allergic patients all time. Doctors should explain everything including how to administer AAI appropriately. It is also important for your family members, friends, relatives and colleagues to know when and how to use AAI. Unfortunately for the patients in Bangladesh yet there is no access to AAIs. However, Allergy Bangladesh with the help of the national and international community support try to work on this issue.

In the UK this treatment is available in three different brands and they are in three strengths/doses of 150microgams for infants up to 6 years, 300micrograms for 6 to 12 years and 500microgram for over 12 and adult. While symptoms such as swelling in the throat, change in voice, difficulty in swallowing or breathing, wheezing, dizziness, feeling faint and sudden tiredness are noticed, first dose of AAI should be administered. An ambulance should be called at this point.